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Ariana and the myth of Ariadne | Sunday 14 April 2024

Growing up in Italy, Ariana felt an inexplicable attraction to Ancient Greece. She loved Ariadne’s myth and saw the princess as her alter ego. Following her personal “thread”, Ariadne is now a digital nomad living in Rhodes.

Interviewee: Arianna Magnani
Interview by: Demie Hadji
Producer: Demie Hadji
Sound Designer: Dimitris Patsaros
Sound Editor: Dimitris Papadakis

Istorima is the bigest project of recording and preserving oral histories of Greece. Over 1,000 young researchers find narrators, listen, collect and save stories of people from all over Greece : Stories of their place, stories of love, stories that changed us or defined us, stories modern or old. Stories that are not recorded in the history books and that could be lost in time. Istorima is the co-creation of the journalist Sofia Papaioannou and the historian Katherine Fleming and is implemented with a founding donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) as part of his Youth Reboot and Empowerment initiative (learn more at The more than 20,000 stories are being published in their entirety in stages at Excerpts of the stories are published in the form of podcasts, videos or written stories at


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